1. Expertise

As a destination wedding travel advisor, we have extensive knowledge of destination wedding locations, and we know which resorts have the best venues. Everything looks great online, but is the venue that you are in love with online really like that in person? Does the resort have a responsive onsite wedding team? Do they have 4 weddings a day, or does that resort work well with groups? All of these questions are important factors to consider when picking your destination wedding venue. An experienced destination wedding travel advisor has first-hand knowledge of the resort venues, tasted the food, experienced the resort, and developed relationships and partnerships. Our experience will provide step-by-step guidance and support throughout the destination wedding planning process, making it as stress-free as possible.

2. Time-savings

Two hundred and fifty hours is the average time spent planning a wedding when couples do not use a wedding planner. With a destination wedding, there are many components, but this is our specialty and we handle all the details of planning beach destination weddings, from recommending the best wedding resorts and venues, negotiating contracts, and providing guest management, freeing up time for the couple to focus on other important details.

3. Access to Knowledge and Resources

A destination wedding travel advisor has built years of relationships with resorts, onsite wedding planners and contacts in the wedding and travel industry, allowing for a more seamless and stress-free planning process.

4. Cost

A destination wedding travel advisor can help the couple save thousands of dollars on their wedding by negotiating contracts for the wedding, reducing rates for their guests, help them earn upgrades, free nights, and additional wedding benefits. These are benefits most couples miss out when doing a DIY destination wedding.

5. Personalization

A destination wedding travel advisor can work with the couple to create a customized wedding experience that reflects their individual style and preferences. A destination wedding does not mean cookie-cutter wedding, or one size fits all wedding! We work with our couples in detail to help execute their wedding vision from beginning to end.

6. Problem-solving

A destination wedding travel advisor can handle unexpected issues that may arise (weather, guest accommodation, etc.)

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